Wireless access Control System

Introducing a bidirectional wireless access control system for gate and door applications.

With a unique lock out function, thi high end accessory is designed to manage access control for commercial multi-unit complexes with up to 200 units, with functions also suitable for home systems.


  • Simple to use menu functions with LCD display
  • High sensitivity 433 MHz – 126 dBm receiver with 20 dBm Transmission output
  • External SMS connector to allow for the connection of different antennas
  • Wide input voltage range from 10V to 36V ACDC
  • 2 relay outputs with ability to set to pulse, Hold or Latch mode
  • Selectable ultra-low standby power consumption of only 4.5 m/a making it ideal for solar applications
  • 200 code storage with remote ID selection making it ideal for unit applications
  • Ability to delete individual remotes devices
  • Unique lock out feature allowing you to lock out entry buttons, e-loops and keypads using the lock and unlockfunctions on the e-Remote
  • Ability to connect to the e-loop to access menus and change settings
  • Test mode which allows you to test relay outputs, radio signal strength and radio interference