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This will depend on which mode you need the sensor to operate in, if used in pulse mode you can place the sensor up to 50 meters from the gate with standard antenna, if used in presence mode to prevent gate from closing until vehicle has moved off the sensor, this will need to be in a position where the vehicle cannot move off the sensor until the gate is open.

This is a feature on commercial e-loops only and is an indication of low signal strength, if this occurs, we recommend moving the transceiver or e-Loop to a better position or adding an external antenna to the transceiver.

This is a feature on commercial e-loops only and is an indication of no communication link between the e-loop and the transceiver, if this occurs please check transceiver is powered up and that you have the e-loop and transceiver paired, if this has been confirmed we recommend moving the transceiver or e-Loop to a better position or adding an external antenna on the transceiver.

There can be a number of reasons, first will be antenna position, make sure the transceiver is not placed inside a metal enclosure, if it is and you can’t move it then fit an external antenna outside the metal enclosure, If the transceiver is fitted inside a steel shed we also recommend fitting an external antenna on the outside of the shed, Never fit inside or close to electrical power boxes as the AC power lines can cause interference which will reduce range, Avoid fitting near other transmitting devices such as GSM systems, other devices that can cause interference are poorly designed switch mode power supplies, so changing power supplies can improve range

Check you have a DC voltage between 11V and 36V at the terminal block, also check you have the polarity correct, the e-trans 50 transceiver will not operate on AC and can also be damaged if AC is connected.

Check you have the N/O and COM wired correctly to your gate board, also make sure it is wired to the open input.

If you are having trouble getting the e-loop and transceiver paired make sure you have the antenna of the transceiver as close as possible to the e-loop generally within 100mm, then press and release the code button on the transceiver, if you are still having trouble clear the transceiver codes by pressing and holding the code button down for around 10 seconds until all LED’s flash, now try coding again. On the commercial e-loop you can pair by pressing the code button on the transceiver until the blue code LED comes on, then place the magnet on the code recess on the e-loop, you should see the yellow LED flash 3 times on the e-loop and the blue LED on the transceiver flash 3 times.

The e-loop setting on domestic e-loop mini is set to 800 which is the most sensitive setting and will generally detect small vehicles such as ride on mowers and quad bikes, the commercial e-loop is set to 1000 and can be adjusted down to 800 using the e-diagnostic remote or e-trans 200 LCD transceiver. If you are not getting a detection check that the e-loop has been calibrated, this is automatic on the e-loop mini 3 minutes after pairing or by placing a magnet on the SET recess on the commercial e-loop until the red LED flashes twice, then removing the magnet, after 10 seconds the red LED will flash 3 times, the e-loop is now calibrated. Make sure e-loop is fitted to the centre of the driveway not to the side, the vehicle needs to drive directly over it for reliable activation. The e-diagnostic remote is the ideal tool for checking the operation of the e-loop and can monitor the magnetic field change as you drive over the e-loop and is recommended for all professional installers.

E-loop mini fitted with alkaline batteries should last between 2 – 3 years, if fitted with lithium batteries they should last 3-4 years. On the commercial e-loop it will depend on which mode is selected if set to pulse mode you can expect up to 10 years if set in Presence mode up to 8 year.

Yes, batteries are replaceable on both e-loop mini and commercial e-loop, e-loop mini batteries can be purchased at most retail outlets, the e-loop commercial 3.6V lithium batteries can be purchased through our distributors, resellers or direct from Microtech Designs

If fitted with and external long-range antenna you can achieve up to 100 meters, but this can vary from site to site.


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