Gate Loops

About us


Microtech Designs has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of innovative and hi-tech Gate Loops for more than 25 years. Pioneering in wireless and automation technology, the e-Loop provides customers with an easy to install magnetometer sensor for access control of gate loops door automation.

With addition of Radar detection in the commercial range, the dual detection technology ensures stability and reliability that is demanded in this safety conscious world for gate loops.

Our Mission and Vision

To continue providing quality and innovative products and services to customers for convenience, safety and security using the most advanced technology and gate loops. Our team, with combined experience in technology, automation and design for over 25 years, is capable creating innovative and practical solutions to meet our customers specific product requirements.

How We Work

Intensive research is undertaken on a potential product to establish the viability of the project, we start with the hardware design, seeking out the most cost effective but high-quality components and at no time do we put price before quality for our gate loops.

Specifications of firmware are put in place for analysis by our software team to establish the best way to approach the project. Prototypes are built and field tested for many months to ensure reliability of not just the electronics but also the robustness of the plastic housings

Once testing is complete production commences with significate attention paid to testing procedures to ensure all products released undergo the most stringent testing so all our gate loops reach our customers in perfect working order.

By following these procedures, and sticking to our core values we can assure our customers will be happy with the result

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