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  • 433.39 MHz Transceiver
  • Waterproof housing
  • Operates from a single coin cell 2450 lithium battery
  • Can be unlocked and used as an Entry button
  • Simple 4 to 8 pin code operation
  • Compatible with any Microtech Transceiver or gate controller




NOTE: e-Leypad will come in unlocked mode and it must be in this mode to code into Transceiver.

  1. Put Transceiver into Code Learn (refer to Transceiver instructions).
  2. On the e-Keypad, press the OPEN button once and release, then press it a second time and release. The e-Keypad is now coded.

Activate E-Keypad

  1. To Activate e-Keypad, press and hold button 4 for 5 seconds. The ‘Lock’  LED will illuminate, then after 3 seconds it will turn off.
  2. You can now operate the e-Keypad by entering default code 1221, then pressing the OPEN button.
  3. To unlock e-Keypad, press and hold button 2 for 5 seconds, the ‘Lock’ LED will display, as well as the ‘Code’ LED.
  4. Now enter your code and press OPEN. The ‘Unlock’ LED will illuminate, then after 3 seconds exit lock mode. The OPEN button will now activate the door or gate without entering code.

Changing Access Code

  1. To change access code, press and hold button 1 for 5 seconds. The ‘Menu’ LED will illuminate as well as the ‘Code’ LED.
  2. Enter default code 1221, then press OPEN and the ‘Code’ LED will flash. Now enter new code (a minimum of 4 numbers and maximum of 8 numbers can be entered – for example 341323).
  3. Now press OPEN and the ‘Con’ LED will flash. Re-enter code (e.g, 341323) and press OPEN again.

If changed code is successful, the ‘CODE’ LED will come on solid for 3 seconds, then exit the coding sequence.

If code is insuccessful, both the ‘Code’ LED and ‘Con’ LED will flash 3 times, then exit the coding sequence. In this instance, the access code will revert back to the original code.

NOTE: If you forget your pin code you will need to call tech support for assistance. The system will require a factory reset to set if back to the original settings.