Exit Gate Sensor

Security, convenience, vehicle tracking and a raft of other reasons is why most commercial and some domestic properties have gate automation in place. Conventional gate, boom gate automation systems, exit gate sensor are generally and specifically designed and installed to suit many property requirements, including alignment to virtual and online applications. Custom features can include entry and exit gate sensor requirements, intercoms, vehicle identification, security functions, cloud management, notifications tools and much more.

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The Gate Loops module is the perfect product for your automated gate or boom system, with above and below ground loop installation. This in turn can cater for a variety of entry applications with both the in and above ground versions, able to work equally well as an exit wand. This may however be dependent on variable ground conditions including snow ploughed regions coupled with surface conditions and elevation factors. The wireless Gate Loops systems can be applied to asphalt, concrete and brick surfaces for a range of commercial properties and businesses coupled with parking lots and garages as gate sensor.

Generally speaking gates come in either a swing or sliding configuration and thus different sizes as well, offering any premises scope and flexibility with control access systems. This sensor uses a passive sensing technology to detect large ferrous objects. The exit wand sensor also measures the change in the Earth’s natural magnetic field caused by the introduction of a ferromagnetic object. The Gate Loops also provides the perfect replacement for existing inductive loop and exit gate sensor systems, based on it’s wireless and seamless application and installation. Furthermore, Its unique design allows quick installation as mentioned and by fitting on top of driveway and secured down with 2 x concrete screws, culminating in an installation process being no more than 15 minutes in duration.

Bottom line is that wireless Gate Loops have been developed as a premium wireless detection exit wand sensor with multiple applications and features. Our remote transceivers are easy to use and our business also offers support through anavar women our various distributors and resellers as well. Furthermore, our Gate Loops development team is working on additional features and cloud based solutions to our exit gate sensor, to meet the markets ever evolving compliance and digital needs

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