A loop detection system is a hardware application built in the ground and able to detect and sense vehicles, for the purpose of automating and opening gates or entrances. Primarily used in commercial or industrial premises to manage gate modes, but to also prevent a gate from automatically closing on a vehicle. Furthermore, E-Loop functions to automatically open gate systems when a vehicle is exiting a property. Vehicle loops can also be used to activate a range of other application including card readers, time allocation recordings and much more.

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There are several factors to consider when actually installing the loop. These include the location and depth of the loop in any driveway, the actual size of the loop and the hardware itself whether it’s wired or wireless. The E-Loop system is in fact wireless and has many advantages outside of being compared to the conventional wired best cutting cycle systems. These include the following.

Wired loop systems can cause a range of issues, during the installation procedure. The connections must always be soldered together properly by a professional, instead of using a wire nut or crimp connector. This process is extremely critical to the longevity of any wired loop system, as actual loose connections consistently cause false detections and over time may show signs of corrosion and other forms of wired issues. Most loop detectors have built in diagnostics like our E-Diagnostic module, which can efficiently identify defects or problems in the entire Loop entry or exit cycle and or performance.

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